Representations and Appearances in Heaven (Continued)

When I have been allowed to be in the company of angels, I have seen what was there exactly the way I see things in our world, so perceptibly that I did not know I was not in our world and in the court of some king here. I have also talked with angels just as one person here talks to another.

Since all the things that are responsive to angels’ deeper natures also portray them, they are called representations. Since they vary depending on the states of the deeper natures for angels, they are called appearances, even though the things that are visible to angels’ eyes in the heavens and are perceived by their other senses appear and are sensed just as vividly as things are for us on earth, in fact far more clearly, crisply, and perceptibly. The appearances that arise in heaven in this way are called real appearances because they do actually come into being. There are also unreal appearances, things that seem to be present but do not correspond to deeper realities. But more on this later.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 174-175


Previously Cited: 12/14/2016

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