The Physical World's Sun Is Nothing but Fire and Is therefore Dead; and since Nature Has Its Origin in that Sun, Nature Is Dead. (Continued)

Since the lowest elements of nature that constitute our soils are dead and not varied and changeable in response to our states of feeling and thought the way they are in the spiritual world, but are unchangeable and stable, we have space and various spatial distances here. They have this stable nature because this is where creation comes to a close and remains at rest. We can see from this that space is proper to nature; and since space here is not an appearance of space responsive to states of life, the way it is in the spiritual world, we can refer to it as “dead.”

Since times are similarly stable and constant, they too are proper to nature. The length of a day is always twenty-four hours and the length of a year is always three hundred sixty-five days. The actual states of light, darkness, warmth, and cold that make these differences are constantly returning as well. The states that return every day are morning, noon, evening, and night; the states of year are spring, summer, fall, and winter. Then too, the states of the year are constantly altering the states of the days. All of these states, since they are not states of life like the ones in the spiritual world, are lifeless. That is, in the spiritual world there is a constant light and a constant warmth. The light is responsive to the state of wisdom among the angels, and the warmth to the state of their love. As a result, these states are alive.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 160-161

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