The Physical World's Sun Is Nothing but Fire and Is therefore Dead; and since Nature Has Its Origin in that Sun, Nature Is Dead. (Continued)

From this we can see the folly of people who attribute everything to nature. If we decide in nature’s favor, we adopt a state in which we no longer want to raise our minds above nature. So our minds are closed upward and open downward, and we become focused on nature and our senses–spiritually dead. Further, since all we can think about is based on the kind of information we get through our physical senses, or from the world through those senses, at heart we deny God.

The result is a union with hell because our union with heaven has been broken. All we have left is the ability to think and intend–the ability to think coming from our rationality and the ability to intend coming from our freedom, two abilities the Lord gives every one of us and never takes away. Demons and angels alike have these abilities, but demons use them for madness and malice, while angels use them for wisdom and good.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Section 162

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