There Would Be No Creation if It Were bot for This Pair of Suns, One Living and One Dead (Continued)

The reason for the creation of the dead sun is so that in final forms everything may be set and stable and lasting, so that it can give rise to things that last through the years. This is the only way creation can have a foundation. Our globe of lands and seas, with things like this in and on and around it, is like a solid base, since it is the final work in which everything comes to a close, on which everything rests. I will discuss later [section 171] how it is also a kind of matrix from which are produced the effects that are the goals of creation.

As evidence that everything was created by the Lord by means of the living sun and nothing by means of the dead sun, there is the fact that what is living arranges what is dead as it pleases. It shapes it for the forms of service that are its goals. The process does not happen the other way around.

Only someone deprived of reason can think that everything comes from nature, that it is even the source of life. People like this do not know what life is. Nature cannot arrange life for anything. In its own right, nature is completely lifeless. It is totally contrary to the design for something dead to activate something living, for a dead force to activate a living one, or– which amounts to the same thing–for something physical to activate something spiritual. Thinking along such lines is therefore contrary to the light of sound reason.

True, something dead or physical can be distorted or changed in many ways by external impingements, but it still cannot activate life. Rather, life activates it according to any change of form that has been imposed on it. The same holds for any physical inflow into the spiritual workings of the soul. We realize that this does not happen because it cannot happen.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 165-166

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