The Goal of Creation–That Everything Should Return to the Creator and That There Should Be a Union–Becomes Manifest in Outermost Forms (Continued)

Throughout the created universe, in its largest and smallest instances alike, we find these three–purpose, means and result. The reason we find them in the largest and smallest instances of the created universe is that these three are in God the Creator, who is the Lord from eternity. Since he is infinite, though, and since in one who is infinite there are infinite things in a distinguishable oneness (as explained in Sections 17-22) these three are a distinguishable oneness in him and in the infinite things that belong to him. This is why the universe, being created from his reality and (if we look at its functions) being an image of him, retains these three in each of its constituent details.

The grand purpose, or the purpose of all elements of creation, is an eternal union of the Creator with the created universe. This does not happen unless there are subjects in which his divinity can be at home, so to speak, subjects in which it can dwell and abide. For these subjects to be his dwellings and homes they must be receptive of his love and wisdom apparently of their own accord, subjects who will with apparent autonomy raise themselves toward the Creator and unite themselves with him. In the absence of this reciprocity, there is no union.

We are those subjects, people who can raise themselves and unite with apparent autonomy. I have already explained several times [Sections 4-6, 57, 68, 116] that we are subjects of this sort and that we are receptive of Divinity with apparent autonomy.

Through this union, the Lord is present in every work he has created, since in the last analysis everything has been created for our sake. As a result, the functions of all created things rise level by level from the lowest things to us, and through us to God the Creator, their source, as explained in Sections 65-68 above.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 169-170


Sections 17-22: Published 4/15/2018-4/16/2018

Section 4: Published 4/14/2016

Sections 5-6: Published 4/9/2018

Section 57: Published 5/23/2018

Sections 65-68: Published 5/26/2018-5/27/2018

Section 116: Published 2/20/2019

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