The Goal of Creation–That Everything Should Return to the Creator and That There Should Be a Union–Becomes Manifest in Outermost Forms (Continued)

Creation is constantly pressing toward this final goal by means of this trio of purpose, means, and result, because these three elements are in God the Creator, as just stated.  Further, Divinity is in all space nonspatially [Sections 69-72] and is the same in the largest and smallest things [Sections 77-82].  We can see from this that the entire creation, in its general tending toward its final goal, is the intermediate end, relatively speaking.  God the Creator is constantly drawing up out of the earth forms of service in their sequence, a sequence that culminates in us, who are from the earth as far as our bodies are concerned.  By accepting love and wisdom from the Lord, we are then raised up and furnished with all the means for the acceptance of love and wisdom.  Moreover, we are so created that we can accept them if we are only willing to.

What has now been said enables us to see, if only in a general way so far, that the goal of creation becomes manifest in final things, the goal being the return of all things to their Creator, and union.

The presence of this trio of purpose, means, and result in absolutely everything created is evidenced also by the fact that all the results that we call final goals become fresh new goals in an endless series, from the First, who is the Lord the Creator, to the last, which is our union with him.  We can see all final goals become fresh new goals from the fact that there is nothing so lifeless and dead that it has no trace of effectiveness in it.  Even from sand there breaches something that provides a resource for accomplishing something, and therefore for having some effect.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 171-172


Sections 69-72: Published 5/28/2018-5/29/2018

Sections 77-82: Published 6/1/2018-6/2/2018

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