There Are Levels of Love and Wisdom, Consequent Levels of Warmth and Light, and also Levels of Atmosphere (Continued)

However, the levels of spiritual warmth cannot be described on the basis of experience because the love to which spiritual warmth corresponds does not fit into the images of our thought. Still, the levels of spiritual light can be described because light does fit. It is actually an attribute of thought. On the basis of levels of light, we can understand levels of spiritual warmth, since warmth and light are comparable levels.

As for the spiritual light that surrounds angels, I have been allowed to see this with my own eyes. For angles of the higher heavens, the light is so brilliant that it is indescribable, even by comparison with the brilliance of snow; and it also has a glow that defies description, even by comparison with the radiant glory of our world’s sun. In short, this light is thousand times greater that the light at noon on earth. The light of angels of the lower heavens can in some measure be described by comparisons, though. Even so, it surpasses the highest level of light on earth.

The reason the light of angels of the higher heavens defies description is that this light is integral to their wisdom. Since their wisdom, relative to ours, is inexpressible, so is their light.

We can tell from these few facts that there are levels of light; and since wisdom and love occur on comparable levels, it follows that there are similar levels of warmth.

Since the atmospheres are what receive and hold warmth and light, it follows that there are as many levels of atmosphere as there are of warmth and light–as many, that is, as there are levels of love and wisdom. An abundance of experience in the spiritual world has shown me that there are several atmospheres, distinguished from each other by level. One kind of experience was especially convincing, namely that angels of lower heavens cannot breathe in the realm of higher angels. They seem to labor for breathe like creatures taken out of the air into ether, or like creatures taken out of water into the air. Then too, the spirits below heaven look as though they were in a cloud.

On the existence of several atmospheres distinguished from each other by levels, See Section 176 above.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 182-183


Section 176: Published 1/13/2020

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