The Spirits of Mars

The spirits of Mars are among those who are the best of all from the earths of this solar system, for they are mostly celestial men, not unlike those who were of the Most Ancient Church on this earth. When their quality is represented, they are represented with the face in heaven and the body in the world of spirits; and those of them who are angels, with the face toward the Lord and the body in heaven.

More than other spirits they acknowledge and adore our Lord; they say that He is the only God, and that He rules both heaven and the universe, and that all good is from Him; they said that it is the Lord who leads them, and that He also frequently appears to them in their earth. That the Lord rules both heaven and the universe is a truth known also to Christians in this earth from His words in Matthew: All power has been given unto Me in heaven and on earth (Matt. 28:18); but they do not so believe it as do those who are from the earth Mars.

from Arcana Coelestia, sections 7476-7477