The east in the spiritual world is where the Lord is seen as the sun, and the other directions follow from that (Continued)

Since these regions are spiritual because of their source (the Lord as the sun), the places where angels and spirits live are spiritual as well, since the places all depend on these regions. The places are spiritual because their locations depend on the angels’ acceptance of love and wisdom from the Lord. People who are at a higher level of love live in the east, while people who are at a lower level of love live in the west. People who are at a higher level of wisdom live in the south, while people who are at a lower level of wisdom live in the north.

This is why “the east” in the Word, in its highest sense, means the Lord, while in a secondary sense it means a love for him, while “the west” means a waning love for him. “The south” means wisdom in the light and “the north” wisdom beclouded. There are some variations of these meanings as they relate to the state of the people under discussion.

Since the east is the basis on which all the regions in the spiritual world are laid out, and since the east in the highest sense means the Lord and divine love, we can see that the Lord and love for him is the source of everything. We can also see that to the extent that people do not share in that love, they are far from him and live either in the west or in the south or in the north, with the distance depending on their openness to love.

Since the Lord as the sun is always in the east, early people—for whom all the elements of worship were symbolic of spiritual realities—faced the east when they worshiped. Further, to be sure that they did this in all their rituals, they faced their temples in the same direction. This is the reason churches are built in the same way at present.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 121-123

The Lord Governs the Hells (Continued)

I have sometimes been allowed to sense the aura of malevolent falsity flowing out of hell. It was like a constant effort to destroy everything good and true, united to an anger, a kind of rage at not being able to do so. Especially, it was an effort to destroy the divine nature of the Lord because this is the source of everything good and true.

I have sensed an aura of benevolent truth from heaven, though, that served to restrain the rage of the effort rising up from hell, which yielded an equilibrium. I perceived that the sole source of this aura was the Lord, even though it seemed to be coming from angels in heaven. The reason it comes solely from the Lord and not from angels is that every angel in heaven admits that nothing of what is good and true comes from herself or himself, but that it all comes from the Lord.

from Heaven and Hell, Section 538